Marketing Consulting

Digital Consulting Digital Consulting

Digital consulting helps to answer the questions "why?", "When?" And How?" the company must be present in a digital environment: on websites, social networks, mobile applications and other platforms.

Which includes:

  • audit of the client's company
  • writing a strategy
  • business integration
  • formation of the structure of the department
  • in-house team recruitment
Digital Consulting

Why does a business need a consultant?

  • 01

    The online era and covid19 changed business

    There is no longer any way to postpone entering a new market: online. Getting it right requires marketing support. We can undertake: recruiting, drafting a strategy, auditing an existing strategy, setting KPIs, as well as covering all the needs of our team.

  • 02

    No universal soldiers

    We will help your recruiter: prescribe the correct job descriptions, technical tasks, give markers that you should pay attention to during the interview.

  • 03

    Small business starts small

    The cost of a good specialist for one channel is from $ 800. It is unrealistic to combine knowledge in one person. One person will not have time to complete all business tasks in a way that makes it profitable. Therefore, we are ready to provide the best specialists within the framework of this service.

  • 04

    Side view and the problem of the In-house team

    Working with one segment and completing typical tasks every day is difficult to find insights. Each player in our team, observing the work-life balance, leads no more than 5 projects from different business segments. This allows you to broaden your professional horizons and find new solutions.

  • 05

    Marketing department will start producing results

    The return on budget costs for advertising and salaries of employees increases 10 times. This is due to: optimization of advertising budgets, correctly selected channels, creation of KPIs for the marketing department, the employee will work with benefit.

Stages of marketing consulting

Stages of marketing consulting

Preliminary acquaintance

We will discuss in words and fill out the brief


Audit, analysis, SWOT

We will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business, as well as work out the opportunities that can be used and the threats that may arise.


Finding a solution

Our team will prepare a full report for you along with a plan for the further development of the company's marketing.



At this stage, we will provide comprehensive online and offline marketing services in order to get the maximum result.


Building a business model

We will prescribe the company's business model based on optimal advertising budgets without loss, but only with an increase in profits. We will also help you form metrics for a high-quality assessment of the marketing and sales of your product.


Writing a strategy

We will develop a marketing strategy to promote your business and carry out all the necessary marketing research. Let's also pay attention to your social networks and website.