Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising - advertising that is displayed on social networks. Why is it relevant for almost any business?

  • users spend a lot of time on Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok
  • has the ability to influence through content, music and other components that are missing in Google, Yandex
  • high-quality remarketing that allows you to break the audience into subtypes.
Targeted advertising

  • 01

    Increased sales

    With the right setup of the ad and the definition of clear parameters of the target audience, the level of sales can increase significantly.

  • 02

    Increasing awareness

    If you represent a brand that has just entered the market, then targeted advertising will help more users learn about the company and present themselves correctly. The target audience remembers the advertisement and begins to be more loyal to your business.

  • 03

    Availability to any audience

    If you wish and with clearly defined characteristics, you can tailor advertising to a very narrow target audience by prescribing clear criteria that are not available in any other promotion tools.

  • 04

    Quick and easy testing

    You can run a test ad in a relatively short period of time and get a report on the work done. Thanks to this, you can quickly adjust the target settings and run it again.

  • 05

    Advertising for competitors

    Targeted advertising can be customized to competitors' subscribers.

  • 06

    Advanced features

    You can run ads with completely different graphics, such as a picture, GIF animation or video, attracting customers with different design elements.


Strategy development

In the first stage, we study the market and work on an individual strategy to promote a product or service. Here we define the portrait and interests of the target audience.


Preparation and design of pages

Before launching advertising, we need to make sure that your pages on social networks and the site are in good shape, because they will be converted, and the user must understand what kind of service or product is offered to him. At the same time, we're setting up web analytics to help us track ad traffic.


Creating and customizing advertisements

After preparing the pages of the brand, we begin to create advertisements for the target audience we need on Instagram and Facebook.


Monitoring and optimization

After launching targeted advertising and its development, we identify the most effective ads and focus on them in further work.



Our team generates a report on the work done and forms a plan for the next month.